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Automatic cutting, folding and sewing machine

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Automatic cutting, folding and sewing machine

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Main Technical Parameters

Total power: 12.5kw Voltage: Three-phase 380v (Mainland China)
Air consumption: 0.5³/min

Unwinding diameter: 1400mm(Max)

Cutting length: 680mm-1100mm(Bag length)

Cutting width: 400mm-600mm

Finished bag length range: 560mm-980mm

Wide range of finished bags: 400mm-600mm

Valve port length: 150mm-240mm

Valve port width: 120mm-180mm

Cutting accuracy:士1mm

Production speed: 30-45




Woven bag cutting and folding automatic complete production line
(Automatic woven bag cutting, folding and sewing machine)

The woven bag cutting and crease automatic complete production line is a new type of equipment developed by integrating multiple functions such as fixed-length cutting, valve port forming, double-head sewing, automatic stacking, etc., which is applied to tubes with or without M sides. Fabric processing various plastic woven bags (such as mineral powder bags, lime powder bags, calcium carbonate powder bags, putty powder bags, etc.). It can cut to length, fold, sew up and down, and collect bags; it can be operated by a single person, saving labor costs and improving production efficiency.deyuan


Cut to length

Electric winding drive, realize fixed-length, follow-up cutting, the knife edge does not stick, does not drop the wire, and automatically pre-feeds the slice.

Valve port forming

Cut the seven-shaped mouth and automatically clean up the residual waste of the seven-shaped mouth. The valve port is formed by a mechanical device, and the key parts use a high-precision cam structure, which has excellent stability and longer equipment life.

Double-head seam, automatic folding

Automatic hemming, sewing, thread trimming, counting, stacking and conveying are integrated. The technical design of simultaneous sewing of upper and lower mouths is more stable and faster than the principle of sewing upper mouth and lower mouth. The sewing machine adopts automatic thread break alarm and automatic correction system, which effectively improves the quality and work efficiency of sewing bags.

Intelligent operating system

The intelligent console adopts central integrated control mode, ergonomic design principles, PLC control, servo motor drive and multiple sets of infrared photoelectric detection devices, which can accurately control various links of the equipment and intuitively detect various workflows in the work of the equipment , The system is accurate, stable and easy to operate.

Remote intelligent service

Use FBOX to remotely update PLC and man-machine interface programs, and by querying and analyzing on-site data, it can remotely provide users with fault detection, fault maintenance, and fault warning, effectively avoiding equipment damage, improving the service life of the equipment, and saving time for users ,Improve work efficiency.

Users can use their smartphones to check the operation status of the equipment, the output of the day, the number of scraps, and the shutdown status for the manager to check.

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